No cats right now? Maybe it's feeding time or the summer season. Don't worry, in winter (or heavy rain) they will be along shortly (on cat time). Check back soon.


This live video feed monitors the inside of a custom built habitat occupied by a colony of feral (but very friendly and affectionate so now stray and no longer really "feral") felines (Felis silvestris catus) located in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada. If you don't see any cats (and the video feed is working) then the sun must be out and they are sunning themselves on the deck. They also prefer to sleep outside on the deck during warm weather when it isn't raining but when the weather is bad (as it so often is), it is always a full house of happy cats cuddled together thanks to our kindness and the electric heat. Your kindness also if you are willing....

Of course if you are unable or unwilling to help you are still very welcome to visit this site as often and long as you like to see how the cats are doing today, live in real time.

NOTE: This site is meant to be a fun site where you can go to see the cats in real time via a live video feed.

Suggestions on how to improve this site are always welcome, please contact us with your idea(s)!

Links: Frequently asked questions, Feral and Abandoned Cat Society, Friends of Cape Breton's homeless animals, Cat Lovers Only

Some equipment generously provided by Guardian Alarm and Security Systems. As a Locally Owned and Operated company, you can expect great customer service with a personalized touch.

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