Thank you so very much for considering to donate to help the cause. Any amount will be appreciated. It hasn't been easy to fund this without any help . In fact it has become so expensive we really have no choice but to ask for your kindness to help out. You can rest assured that your donation will go directly towards the many expenses involved. If you are considering making a donation but are not sure (or just have a question), check out our Fequently Asked Questions or please email us at with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have. We'll be pleased to hear from you and always glad to answer any questions.

Please help if you are able with the many expenses: Veterinarian bills, cat food, kitty litter and electricity to heat the habitat in the winter; it has all added up to thousands of dollars. Your donation will go towards the many expenses to keep these cats and other cats fed, healthy and give them a place to live.

We are also currently caring for another group of 6 cats and a number of other "strays" often frequent our "cat restaurant". That is at least 13 (usually a few more) mouths to feed every day.

NOTE: We are not a registered charity and cannot issue receipts for income tax purposes. In return for your donation you may receive some good Karma and the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference, unfortunately nothing else.

Date Country Amount
2014-04-12 Canada $100.00
2015-02-27 Canada $26.00
2015-03-05 USA $10.00
2015-03-27 USA $5.00
2015-07-19 UK $50.00
2015-10-20 USA $50.00
2015-12-21 USA $50.00
Or if you prefer you can also send an Interac e-Transfer to:
Sweet Pea & Patches (April 14, 2014)